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10 things I want my daughter to know about life

If my daughter ever asks me for some advice in life (and I hope she will), these will make the list:

1. Embrace your weird self

Accept your imperfections as your best qualities. This will make you stand out in the world of sameness. It is our diversity and uniqueness that make this place more attractive.

2. Learn how to deal with failures.

In a society so much focused on success and winners, little is said about failures. The real strength comes from knowing how to deal with failure and loss, stand up and be brave to risk failing again.

3. Invest in your health.

Out of all the investments I made so far, this one is most important. No other comments here.

4. Practice vipassana meditation.

It will teach you to accept life as it is, with its ups and downs, the impermanence of everything, and the veiled meaning of non-attachment, which is to live in the moment of now. I started practicing it quite late in life. Do not waste your time.

5. Do not search for meaning in life.

There is none. The only meaning it has is the one you give it. You are here to explore, enjoy, and learn. Everything else that happens is just the byproducts of these.

6. Master the skill of healing yourself.

Everyone has bad periods, states of depression, stress, and anxiety. How much we remain in these states, depends on each of us. Learn the skill of diagnosing your emotional state and the skill of helping yourself get out of it. You are the only one who can truly heal yourself.

7. Become a project manager of your own life.

Your life is your megaproject with its actions, milestones, results, deadlines, risks, etc. The quality of your life depends on how well you plan and manage it, the team you chose to support you, the way you communicate with stakeholders, the actions you take with limited resources you have, and the M&E approach you consistently apply.

8. Learn to manage the information.

There is too much information available out there and will be more. Everyone has access to almost any information, but little do we know how to properly use it. Learn to see the core, focus on the important, extract the essence, read between the lines. Also, learn to read people besides what you hear from or about them. 

9. Choose the bright side.

This one I daily remind myself. Everyone has both: the good and the bad. It is your conscious choice of which side you pick that makes the difference. Choose every moment. Choose wisely. And do not forget the karma rule.

10. And finally… just have fun.

Test your limits. Speak less. Reflect more. Enjoy the journey and do not take yourself too seriously. 

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